The teaching and research activities of the Department of Architecture take place at several locations situated mainly in the historical centre of the city, in such a way as to constitute a sort of unitary “urban campus”, within what once was the last ring of the medieval ramparts.

This allows students and teachers to walk through the historical centre, seeing, experiencing and above all interacting with buildings and monuments, in one of the most highly regarded artistic and architectural spaces in the world, simply on their way to the Departmental and School offices, the teaching staff cubicles and the classrooms where the courses of Architecture and Landscape Architecture take place.

The same is true for the Empoli branch, where the activities related to Urban Planning are also located in the historical centre. The Design Campus in Calenzano, however, which houses the teaching staff cubicles, classrooms and workshops related to Industrial Design, is located in both historical and contemporary spaces.

Santa Teresa
via della Mattonaia, 14
50121 - Firenze
tel. 055 2755410

Santa Verdiana

 piazza Ghiberti, 27
50122 - Firenze
tel. 055 2755180

Palazzo San Clemente

  via Micheli, 2
50121 - Firenze
tel. 055 2756448

Via Ricasoli

  via Ricasoli, 6
50122 - Firenze

Palazzo Vegni

 via san Niccolò, 93
50125 - Firenze
tel. 055 2755300

Design Campus
 via Sandro Pertini, 93
50041 - Calenzano (FI)
tel. 055 2757079

San Giuseppe
 via Paladini, 38
50053 - Empoli (FI)
tel. 0571 79109


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