The Board

The Board is an administrative body of the Department that assists the Head of Department in his functions, and whose duties include all matters not specifically reserved for the Council of the Department.

The Board is composed of the Head of Department, who presides over it, and of five professors, three researchers, a representative of the technical and administrative staff, a representative of the foreign language teaching assistants, and two representatives of the students, PhD candidates and research assistants, one of which is elected by the students themselves, and another elected by, and amongst, the PhD candidates and research assistants who are members of the Council.

The Administrative Officer participates at the meetings of the Board, and has the right to an advisory vote.

The members of the Board are elected for a four-year period and may be reelected consecutively only once.


Regulatory references:  

Rectoral Decree n° 721 of 17/7/2013 - “Internal Rules and Regulations of the Departments” art.18,19

Rectoral Decree n° 74 of 30/1/2013 - “Internal Rules and Regulations of the Department of Architecture”, art. 13,14,15

prof. Giuseppe De Luca

  Dott.ssa Jessica Cruciani

  Maurizio De Vita - Research, European and national projects, research quality
AlKnowledge transfer and relations with the region
Biagio Guccione Advanced professional training and research
GInstitutional communication, Web e Promotion
Raffaele Paloscia - International relations and cooperation
Giacomo TempestaEducational activities, services and educational quality
Andrea Volpe - Logistics, accessibility and security
Gioi Gonnella - Management


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