The Department of Architecture and its students participate in contests regarding ideas and project planning and design.

The results of the most important and significant events at which projects presented by workgroups coordinated by DIDA teachers have received awards or mentions are recorded.

International Design for All Foundation Award 2018

The “ADA Project” (Adattamento Domestico per l’Autonomia personale - Housing Adaptations for Personal Autonomy)  ̶  developed by the Florence Accessibility Lab Interdepartmental Research Unit of the University of Florence  ̶  won the International Design for All Foundation Award 2018 ...


European Architectural Medals 2017

European Architectural Medals for the Best Diploma Projects (EAM BDP) is an annual European competition that awards excellence in crossing the threshold from education to profession and is an European competition open to students ...


Building Trust International

Camboo festival 2017
Building Trust international have announced their 7th international design competition which seeks to find an innovative design proposal for a landmark pavilion structure made from bamboo. The bamboo piece will be the centre of a Bamboo ...



UIA student competition
UIA student competition
Otherwhere is an international competition for students of architecture organised by the UIA in the framework of the homonymous world congress which took place in Durban, South Africa, in 2014.


Landscape Accessibility

Intensive Program Erasmus
Intensive Programme Erasmus
From 24 May to 8 June, 2014, a design and planning workshop for students of architecture and landscape architecture took place in Milazzo, Sicily.

house for change

House for Change

 The results of the competition Houses for Change award DIDA students that participated in the thematic seminar “Habitability in High-risk Areas.
Universidade Federal de Santa Caterina, Brazil, July and December, 2013.


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