Core Research On Site Specific/INnovation/Globalization - workshop

Core Research On Site Specific/INnovation/Globalization - workshop
The aim of the Laboratory is to work on the transformations of the environment and of the territory today, in a context of real complexity, and with a special attention to innovation and experimentation, both in terms of the implications for the relevant fields, and for those outside them, in the national and international contexts. To ascribe value to “best practices”, that is the processes of subsidiarity and participation, as well as to increase interaction and dialogue between the local and global levels.

Research activities are mostly applied to case-studies, pilot projects, design competitions and similar typologies, promoting while doing so the diffusion and internationalisation of the research projects through the creation of open-partnership networks of varied densities and dimensions.



Scientific Director
Giacomo Pirazzoli

Santa Teresa
Via della Mattonaia, 14

tel. 055 275 5421






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