The School of Architecture envisages a series of tools for favouring the international mobility of students and teachers. Amongst these the Erasmus programme and the Inter-University collaboration agreements and networks are particularly relevant.

The strategic objectives of DIDA include both the internationalisation of research, through participation in European programmes and agreements with foreign universities, and the internationalisation of educational activities, based mainly on teacher and student mobility, as well as on the creation of academic programmes which envisage double, joint, combined, multiple or reciprocally recognised degrees.

Internationalisation helps to establish relationships with foreign schools and entities, to enhance the quality of the educational system, to promote competitiveness between universities at an international scale, as well as to favour the exchange between students, teachers and research, technical and administrative personnel.

Taking advantage of the innumerable academic contacts made over the years, DIDA has created an international collaboration network which includes partnerships with ninety-three universities and research institutes around the world.

Regarding research projects several workshops were organised which included participants from several European schools.


International Relations Office
School of Architecture of the University of Florence,
via Micheli, 2 - 50121 Florence (First Floor,  ex Urban Planning Office)

Atlas of international activities 



 Commission Coordinator
prof. Raffaele Paloscia
tel. 0039-(0)55-2756442

School Delegates for International Mobility

prof. Camilla Perrone


Rita Primavera
Laura Sechi

Opening hours

tuesday 10:00 - 12:00
thursday 10:00 - 12:00



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