Architectural and Environmental Survey and Representation

The PhD Degree in "Architectural and Environmental Survey and Representation" covers the disciplinary scientific fields of analysis, documentation, survey and representation of architecture and the environment.

Representation is understood in the widest meaning of the term, as both the expressive and cognitive aspects of the formal structure of the fields of architecture and design. It is a fundamental tool for the analysis of existing values, as well as of the expressive and visual communication of the idea of the project at various scales.

The disciplinary field is explored with the use of instruments derived from “Design” in its wider sense, which in turn imply the use of disciplines such as geometry, as well as of state of the art techniques of survey and representation.
The activities of the PhD programme are aimed to the development of research as scientific process for knowledge and representation of the idea of the project as related to the territory, the city, and architectural structures (from the product to the building), and as creative action related to the project in the context of human habitats.


The instruments in question are: 

Design as graphic language, applied to the processes of representation of the form, as a tool for creative expression, as interpreter of the various perceptive phenomena, and as a technical-scientific communication tool; 

geometric principles of representation, descriptive methods and theories, from their historical development to digital modelling;

survey as a tool for understanding through the use of the appropriate methodologies, with a specific focus on digital technologies, both for survey purposes and for graphic, morphological and thematic rendering.

In contexts characterised by the strong presence of a historical past, either at the national and international levels, it is necessary that the training of operators be carried out on several “dimensions” both on the cultural and methodological levels.

The PhD programme is thus structured as an opportunity for research, as well as for determining and debating topics, on a theoretical level but related to study-cases, concerning the fields of Design, Geometry and Survey, including through training in the use of digital systems for documentation, archiving and database building.

The methodologies used for acquiring knowledge, from surveying to the determination of geometric parameters, thus emerge as essential and instrumental elements in the construction of the critical apparatus of the researcher, as well as of the architect and the designer.

Prof.ssa Barbara Aterinii


Cycle XXXI

Monica Bercigli

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