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DIDA Dipartimento di Architettura


Academic Programmes

The academic programmes offered by the Department of Architecture DIDA, are organised and coordinated by the School of Architecture. These educational activities are divided into three sections:

  • the first consists of a First Cycle Degree equal to undergraduate studies on completion of an initial three-year study programme;
  • the second consists of a Second Cycle Degree equivalent to post-graduate studies on completion of a two-year study programme, a Single Cycle Degree, combining bachelor and master programmes, on completion of a five-year study programme, and a one-year (first level) post-graduate Master Degree; 
the third consists of a PhD Degree, a two-year (second level) post-graduate Master Degree, as well as Specialisation Diplomas, Advanced Training Courses, Continuing Education and Vocational Training Courses

 3 three-year undergraduate degrees

5 two-year Second Cycle degrees

1 Second Cycle degree in English

1 five-year Single Cycle degree

 4 master degrees

4 advanced training, continuing education and vocational training courses

8 PhD programmes

1 specialistaion school

last update: 27-July-2016
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