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DIDA Dipartimento di Architettura

Santa Teresa

via della Mattonaia n.14 - Tel. 055 2755410 

This is where the degree courses on Architectural Sciences and the Second-cycle degree in Architecture take place. The space also houses the didactic services of  the DIDA Department and of the School of Architecture, as well as the Architectural Modelling Workshop (LMA), classrooms, and study spaces for both students and teaching staff.

The old structure of the prison of Santa Teresa was easily reconverted into a teaching facility in 1992, thanks to the various existing spaces which could accommodate a large number of people.

Traces of the original function of the building remain in the main body of the structure, where the prison cells were maintained.

The history of the building began in 1620 when Maria Francesca Guardi donated sparsely urbanised land inside the 14th century walls of the city, in the quartiere of Santa Croce, for the foundation of a monastery in honour of St. Theresa. Both the convent and the church were built by the Florentine architect Giovanni Coccapani.

In 1808 the convent was abolished by the French government, and eight years later it was refurbished and partially destined to be used as a public school. In 1865 it was finally turned into a prison.

The structure went through several further transformations: between 1866 and 1897 three new sections were added to the building in the area that had been occupied by the vegetable garden, along Via della Mattonaia. The central building was destined to cells for the prisoners, whereas the lateral sections housed carpentry, shoe-making and mechanical workshops. This was the situation until the years 1984-85, when the prisoners were transferred to the new prison at Sollicciano and the ex-prison was given by the City of Florence to the University.


from “Architetture restituite” – Maurizio De Vita – Alinea Ed 2011



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