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DIDA Dipartimento di Architettura

Via Ricasoli

via Ricasoli, 6

The Faculty of Architecture has its origins in the “School of Architecture” of the Academy of Fine Arts. This is the reason why the premises at Via Ricasoli-Piazza San Marco constitute the historical headquarters of the Faculty, which was recognised as a Higher-education School in 1930, and integrated to the University of Florence in 1936.

The building that houses the headquarters dates back to the year 1385, when the banker Lemmo Balducci initiated the construction work for a hospital named after Saint Matthew.

In the year 1784 the Grand Duke Peter Leopold destined the building to the new Academy of Fine Arts. The institution derived from the Academy of Arts and Design, the first of its kind in Europe, which was founded by Cosimo I de'Medici in January, 1563.

Despite its historical relevance, the building is not currently in use.


from  “ Le sedi storiche della Facoltà di Architettura” – Luigi Zanchieri  “La sede di via Ricasoli – Piazza San Marco”- OCTAVO Franco Cantini Editore 1996

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