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Palazzo Vegni

Palazzo Vegni Houses the Audio-visual Documentation and Communication Centre, the Technology for Mediterranean Dwelling Laboratory (LTAM) and teaching staff rooms.

In 1989 the University received Palazzo Vegni from the City in commodate. It currently houses the Environmental Physics for Construction Quality Laboratory (Lfaqe), the Audio-visual Documentation and Communication Centre, and several teaching staff rooms.

The building takes its name from one of its last owners, Angelo Vegni, who was both an engineer and an entrepreneur, as well as was one of the founders of Officine Galileo. In 1860 the building was raised and the facade was unified, which entailed the elimination of the medieval battlements, yet the magnificent late 16th century stone gate was preserved.

The first structure of the building dates back to 1292, when Gherardino Gianni, also known as Gherardino Juniore, who was an important personality in 13th century Florentine economic politics, joined three terraced houses belonging to his family, to which he added a tower house with Guelph battlements. This became the main nucleus of the future Palazzo Gianni. Refurbishments over the following centuries modified the structures and the aspect of the building, but it was especially the above-mentioned redoing of the facade by Angelo Vegni, which sacrificed the battlements, that erased the legacy of a glorious medieval and republican past.

In  1976, ten years after the tragic flood that swept Florence and in the middle of the housing crisis, the building was occupied by a few homeless family who, with the purpose of subdividing it into apartments, carried out heavy restructuring works. In April 1980, the City of Florence acquired the building and cleared out the building of its inhabitants on the grounds of the bad hygienic conditions and the risk of collapse. At the end of the Eighties conservation and restoration work was undertaken which brought the building to its present state.


from - “ Le sedi storiche della Facoltà di Architettura” – Daniela Lamberini  “Palazzo Vegni”- OCTAVO Franco Cantini Editore 1996

palazzo vegni


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