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Design Campus - Calenzano

via Sandro Pertini n.93 – Tel. 055 2757079 

The activities related to Design teaching and research are undertaken at the university premises in Calenzano, where a modern building houses the spaces devoted to teaching, laboratories and teaching staff rooms, as well as an Lecture Hall and and space for exhibitions.

The Calenzano headquarters hosts degree courses in Industrial Design and Second-cycle degree courses in Design, as well as the Laboratories Design for Sustainability (LDS), Ergonomics and Usability (LEU), Car Design, Modelling (MOD lab), and Reverse Engineering and Interaction Design (

Inaugurated on 23 October, 2012, the site is set in the Florentine industrial plain, where many of the leader companies of the Made in Italy sector are based. The word “Design” stands out in the red facade of the building, amongst the voids and volumes, glass walls and metallic surfaces.

The cornerstone, set at the entrance of the building, comes from the pavement of the community school founded by Don Lorenzo Milani in San Donato.

The architectural design is based on a proposal by Elio Di Franco, further developed by Galileo Pacini, whereas the interior design is by Alessandra Rinaldi.

The complex is structured on five levels: two underground floors for parking and three floors above ground.

Inside the structure are laboratories, classrooms, the Lecture Hall, a hanging garden, a cafeteria, residential spaces and service areas, as well as the Museum of Design which is devoted to the history and evolution of the Italian production (supported by the Fondazione Anna Querci), for a total of 4,500 square meters.

It is thus not only a place for teaching and research, but truly a “design campus”.

Two “lectio magistralis” were held during the inauguration ceremonies, one by Philippe Daverio “Dialogues on Design” (“Dialoghi sul design”) and another by Remo Buti “Variety/Various Ages” (“VarieEtà”).




Degree Courses
Industrial Design
class L-4
Second-cycle Degree in Design LM-12


  Design for Sustainability
Ergonomy & Design
Modelling for Design
Reverse Engineering and Interaction Design

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