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Technical and Administrative Staff

Educational Area, contracts, master courses, advanced training courses, continuing education and vocational training courses, PhD courses
Cinzia Baldi - educational area
Grazia Poli - educational area
National and international competitive research area
Laura Cammillibudget and accounting
Donatella Cingottini - budget and accounting
Cabiria Fossatibudget and accounting
Gioi Gonnellabudget and accounting
Contracted research area, scholarships, research fellowships, collaboration agreements
Gianna Celestinicontracted research and relations with the region
Stefano Cocci - contracted research and relations with the region
Luigia Covotta - contracted research and relations with the region
Annamaria Di Marcologistics and protocol
Research and educational quality, assessment and self-assessment
Marzia Messini - administrative office
Rossana Baldinibudget and accounting
Daniela Ceccherelli - budget and accounting
Stefania Francini - budget and accounting
General affairs, administrative office, attendance
Franca Giulia Branca - administrative office
Lucia Galantini - logistics and protocol
Marzia Messini - administrative office
Neda Para - administrative office
General services and security
Giuseppe Ciappi - logistics and protocol
Daniela Chesilogistics and protocol
Communication, publishing and documentation area
Massimo Battista - publishing
Tullio Calosci - communication and image laboratory 
Laura Cosci - communication and image laboratory
Nicola Percacciante - technician



Donka Tatangelo - educational area
Elena Cintolesi - educational area
Franca Giulia Branca - administrative office
Maria Cristina Righini - educational area
Marzia Benelli - administrative office
Rossana Naldini - educational area
Lorenzo Bambi
Francesca Barontini


last update: 27-Aug-2015
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