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DIDA Dipartimento di Architettura

Departmental Council

The Departmental Council is composed of tenured teachers, researchers, both part-time and full-time and other personnel, such as the Administrative Officer who acts as minutes secretary, the representatives of the technical and administrative staff, of postgraduate students of the Department, research assistants and of the recipients of scholarships.

It is presided by the Head of Department and the members are elected for a two-year period. The Council is the governing body of the Department. It also sets policies and strategic aims to be followed regarding scientific and teaching activities, as well as to related external activities, and makes decisions with respect to planning and development.

Amongst its duties and responsibilities is the election of the Head of Department. It also decides on budget allocation for research purposes, approves an annual development plan for research projects that interest the Department, requests the appointment of teachers and researchers, expresses opinions on adjunct professors, approves proposals regarding doctoral research on topics related to the department, presents proposals and sanctions the establishment of Centres (for research, research and services, inter-university and services), expresses opinions, upon request by the Academic Senate, on the constitution of the said Centres, determines the operation, in accordance with the University rules and regulations, of the library and of educational activities related to the Department, and provides the necessary resources, expresses opinions and presents proposals to the Faculty Council regarding the programming of educational activities and experimentation related to it, issues resolutions regarding requests from teaching staff that wish to be attached to the Department, approves the budget plan and final balance, in accordance with the University rules and regulations regarding management, finance and accounting, and collaborates with the University's governing bodies and the national programming bodies.


Regulatory references:  

Rectoral Decree n°721 del 17/7/2013 - “University Rules and Regulations concerning the Departments” art.9,10,11,12,13

Rectoral Decree n° 74 del 30/1/2013 - “Internal Rules and Regulations of the Department of Architecture”, art. 10

President of the Council
prof. Saverio Mecca

Full-time Professors


 Associate Professors

Full-time and Part-time researcher staff

Administrative Officer

  Dott. Stefano Franci

Representatives of the technical and administrative staff

  Gioi Gonnella
Tullio Calosci
Giuseppe Berti
Gianna Celestini

Representatives of postgraduate students, research assistants and scholarship recipients

last update: 01-Sep-2015
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