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Guidance and self-assessment Committee

Every structure in the University, in pursuit of its functions and predefined objectives, bases its organisation and operations upon the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and economy; they also implement self-assessment mechanisms and adopt instruments for analytic, managerial, economic and patrimonial survey.

These self-assessment procedures involve educational and research activities, interventions regarding the right to education, as well as the administration, and when necessary, include external evaluations and quality control, according to a system run by the University's Evaluation Unit.

The Departmental Guidance and Self-assessment Committee was created for this purpose in accordance with article 14 of the Departmental Rules and Regulations, and is composed of twelve members, amongst which eight professors and four researchers, elected by the Departmental Council, in accordance with article 47, sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Statute.

The eight professors and four researchers with the higher number of votes are elected. In case of an equal number of votes amongst either the professors or the researchers the senior tenured professor or researcher will be elected, and in case of a parity in seniority the older professor or researcher will be elected.

The Committee may include as well a maximum or twelve external experts from other universities and research centres, both national and international, who are qualified and active in the research fields related to the Department. These external experts are appointed by the Departmental Council upon request from at least one third of the professors and researchers who are members of the Committee. The experts appointed to the Guidance and Self-assessment Committee by the Council and the Head of Department have no right of vote.


Regulatory references:  

UNIFI Statute, art.7;

Rectoral Decree n°74 del 17/7/2013 - “Internal Rules and Regulations of the Departments” art.18

Departmental Council Resolution of 24 April, 2013, art 16,17,18
Francesca Tosi

Gianluca Belli
Elisabetta Benelli
Stefano Bertocci
Ricardo Butini
Romano Del Nord
Giuseppe De Luca
Mario De Stefano
Paola Gallo
Fabrizio Rossi Prodi
Claudio Saragosa


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