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DIDA Dipartimento di Architettura


The Department may be subdivided into Sections, in accordance with article 26, section 7, of the Statute, and of article 8 of the Rules and Regulations of Departments.

Every section has the faculty of providing counsel and presenting proposals, through its Coordinator, to both the Council and the Board.

Every section guarantees autonomy of research for every one of its attached professors and researchers, in close connection with the other sections, and within the scope of interests and objectives of the Department.

The internal rules and regulations of the Department govern the organisation of the Department into Sections, defining in a specific annex the names of the Sections and their particular subject matter and field of interest, as well as the organisational and research needs and objectives that justify their institution. This annex constitutes an integral and fundamental part of the internal rules and regulations of the Department.

Sections do not have administrative autonomy, an organisational structure or services.

Sections are constituted in correspondence with the Competition-based Sectors, the Scientific-Disciplinary Sectors, or with a combination of both, and under the supervision of the Department. In accordance with the rules and regulations, at least ten professors and/or research staff must be attached to every Section, except in certain justified cases.

The association of professors or research staff to the individual Sections is determined by the Scientific-Disciplinary Sector they belong to.


Regulatory references:

Rectoral Decree 17/07/2013 n°721 - “University Rules and Regulations concerning the Departments” art.8

Rectoral Decree n° 74 of 31/01/2013 - “Internal Rules and Regulations of the Department of Architecture”, art. 19,20

 List of Sections
Materials and structures
ICAR/08, ICAR/09 e MAT/05

Technology of architecture and evaluation
ICAR/12, ICAR/22

Industrial design
ICAR/11, ICAR/13

Architectural design
ICAR/14, ICAR/15, ICAR/16


History of architecture and the city

Architectural restoration

Urban and regional planning
ICAR/20, ICAR/21

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