Academic Programmes

The academic programmes offered by the Department of Architecture DIDA, are organised and coordinated by the School of Architecture. These educational activities are divided into three sections:

  • the first consists of a First Cycle Degree equal to undergraduate studies on completion of an initial three-year study programme;
  • the second consists of a Second Cycle Degree equivalent to post-graduate studies on completion of a two-year study programme, a Single Cycle Degree, combining bachelor and master programmes, on completion of a five-year study programme, and a one-year (first level) post-graduate Master Degree; 
the third consists of a PhD Degree, a two-year (second level) post-graduate Master Degree, as well as Specialisation Diplomas, Advanced Training Courses, Continuing Education and Vocational Training Courses

 3 three-year undergraduate degrees

5 two-year Second Cycle degrees

1 Second Cycle degree in English

1 five-year Single Cycle degree

 4 master degrees

4 advanced training, continuing education and vocational training courses

8 PhD programmes

1 specialistaion school

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