PhD Programme


The primary strategic objective of the PhD programme in Architecture, in cultural and economic terms and both at a national and supranational level, is the conservation and sustainable valorisation of the cultural heritage, from landscapes and cities to buildings and artifacts.

The purpose is to train highly qualified academics and professionals, capable both of contributing to and transmitting the comprehensive knowledge related to the fields in question, and of collaborating, with a propositive and executive attitude, with the private and public entities involved.
All the classical fields related to architecture are present (history of architecture and design, urban planning, landscape architecture, architectural design, architectural restoration, construction technology, physics, science and techniques, industrial design, real estate appraisal), as well as other concomitant subjects (mathematics, social sciences, history, physical sciences).

This integration of fields allows doctoral candidates to experiment with various types of research methods using both traditional and innovative technologies. Comparison and contrast with similar international research entities must respond to the transnational nature of the objectives.

Professional and employment possibilities
The first possibility is research, either at a univeristy, at an alternative research centre, or in the industrial sector, in the many fields related to the construction industry and industrial design.

The high qualifications offered by the programme allow graduates to operate in very interesting and greatly dynamic fields, and in state of the art technological conditions.

As for  a technical position, the possibilities are manifold and include employment in the various sectors of the public administration, both at the local, regional, state and communitarian levels, as well as in private enterprises.

Duration and conditions of admission
The duration of the PhD degree course is of three years and admission is regulated by the appropriate competition announcement


PhD Program Coordinator Prof. Giuseppe De Luca
Tel. 055 2756475



Urban and Architectural Planning and Design

Technologies of Architecture

History of Architecture and of the City


Architectural and Environmental Survey and Representation

Structures and Conservation of Architecture and the Cultural Heritage

Landscape Architecture

Urban and Landscape Planning and Design





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