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DIDA Dipartimento di Architettura

INN-LINK-S Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
and Innovation

The INN-LINK-S Research Unit has the purpose of integrating skills and abilities that are present horizontally in various Departments of the University in order to develop more efficiently research activities in projects and programmes, both at the national and international levels, devoted to the development of innovative systems for the conservation, valorisation and management of local systems of knowledge as expressions of the cultural relation between society and nature, as well as of a sustainable management of natural resources.

Research activities are characterised by a systemic approach directed to the integration of quantitative scientific-experimental research methods and tools with qualitative research tools for knowledge management.

This translates into the development of activities such as:

  • the localisation, identification, representation, modelling and codifying of local and implicit knowledges;
  • classification, organization and communication;
  • design of innovative learning and communication skills;
  • design and experimentation concerning sustainable innovation of local and implicit knowledges.




5 recent research projects

2014| 2016
3D Design pour le Développement Durable des Productions Artisanales Locales
TEMPUS programme Trans-European Mobility scheme for University Studies 
Head and coordinator of the project: Giuseppe Lotti
VERSUS Lessons from Vernacular Heritage for Sustainable Architecture
EU Culture Programme  2007-2013
Head of the project: Saverio Mecca
ARTIMED Sviluppo dei Saperi artigianali tradizionali e integrazione dei sistemi produttivi in Marocco e in Italia
Programme for the Support to Regional Cooperation, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development – sub-project coordinated by the Tuscan Region.
Head of the project: Giuseppe Lotti
Terra [In]cognita. Earthen architecture in Europe
EU Culture Programme 2007-2013
Head of project: Saverio Mecca
Coupoles & Habitat Une tradition constructive entre Orient et Occident
EU Culture Programme  2000
Head and Coordinator of the project: Saverio Mecca



5 recent publications

Fioravanti, M., Mecca, S. (eds.) (2011). The safeguard of Cultural Heritage. A challenge from the past for the Europe of tomorrow, Florence: FUP.
Correia, M., Dipasquale, L., Mecca, S. (eds.) (2011). Terra Europae, Earthen Architecture in the European Union, Pisa: Edizioni ETS.
Lotti,G., Kabbaj, K., Serpente, I. (eds.) Edizioni ETS
Lotti, G. (2010). Territori & Connessioni. Design come attore della dialettica tra locale e globale. Pisa: Edizioni ETS, ISBN:9788846726179.
Mecca, S., Dipasquale, L. (2009). Earthen Domes and habitats. The Villages of Northern Syria. An architectural tradition shared by east and west, Pisa: Edizioni ETS.
Mecca, S., Dipasquale, L., Rovero, L., Tonietti, U. E Volpi, V. (eds.) (2010). Chefchaouen, Architettura e cultura costruttiva. Pisa: Edizioni ETS.



Saverio Mecca
 Department of Architecture

Composition of
the research unit

of Architecture
Saverio Mecca
 Giuseppe Lotti
 Ugo Tonietti
Luisa Rovero
Raffaele Paloscia
Roberto Sabelli

 Department of Management of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Systems
Marco Fioravanti
 Susanna Nocentini
Matteo Barbari

Department of Information Engineering
Enrico Vicario

Department of Sciences of Agro-food Production and of the Environment
Piero Bruschi
Maria Adele Signorini

Department of Business and Economics
Nicolo’ Bellanca
 Mauro Lombardi

Department of Education Sciences and Psychology
Paolo Orefice
    Giovanna Del Gobbo

Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Art and Performing Arts
Maria Elena Giusti
 Mirella Loda






last update: 21-Sep-2015
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