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MCT_FI New Museum of the City and of the Territory, Florence

The lack of an organized presentation of the material available on the history of the city and of the territory, and its inaccessibility, brings forth ideas that stimulate the public opinion on Florence's need to have an exhibition space where to keep and show the vast existing documentary heritage on the city.

The initiatives related to the centenary of Florence Capital are a good occasion to reflect on the possibility of building a museum of the city and of the territory.




Recent research projects

Master Plan for the new Museum of the City of Florence
Thematic seminar
Head of project: Riccardo Butini 


Recent publications

R. Butini (2007). Giovanni Michelucci. Fotogrammi del museo, Reggio Emilia: Edizioni Diabasis,
Riccardo Butini (2012). “Fotogrammi del museo”.  In: Michelucci dopo Michelucci, Florence: Casa Editrice Leo S Olschki, pp. 3-11
Riccardo Butini (2012). “Fotogrammi del museo”. In: Michelucci dopo Michelucci, Florence: Casa Editrice Leo S Olschki:Viuzzo del Pozzetto 8, Casella Postale 66, I 50126, Florence
L. Rombai, G. C. Romby (2009). “Geografia, ecomusei e musei del territorio. Riflessioni sul caso toscano”, in Rivista Geografica Italiana , vol. CXVI 2009, pp. 445-461.



Riccardo Butini


Composition of the research unit
DIDA Department of Architecture

Riccardo Butini 
Alessandro Merlo
Marcello Scalzo


Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Art and Performing Arts

 Carla Giuseppina Romby





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