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Image and Communication Laboratorybb

The Laboratory undertakes research, teaching and knowledge transfer activities in the fields of image and communication. Its mission concerns web communication, including the design, updating and implementing of the websites of the University, the Department, the School and the various Degrees offered; the management of the social networks in which the Department is present: Facebook, Behance and Issuu; institutional communication, through the creation of communication tools for DIDA, field booklets, presentation brochures, student guides, services and initiatives; publishing, both electronic and traditional, including the production of scientific reviews, departmental series devoted to workshops, research projects, PhD thesis, essays; wayfinding for internal communication, user orientation and management of spaces. The Laboratory also actively participates in the image and communication project of the University.


Opening hours

The Laboratory keeps the following opening hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 14:00
Monday and Wednesday 14.30 - 18:00
Tuesday and Thursday 14:30 - 17:30



The Image and Communication Laboratory carries out activities in support of research, teaching and knowledge both following traditional procedures and in an experimental and innovative manner. It is located in a space equipped with workstations devoted to graphic design and other necessary equipment, including state of the art printers. 
The Laboratory:

  • promotes the activities of the Department and the School of Architecture;
  • supports teachers and research personnel in the production of published materials;
  • activates and promotes courses on services for students concerning the topics in question – text layouts, portfolios, communication of work carried out through the internet and social networks.
    The courses are open to all students enrolled in the Department - School of Architecture.
  • Laboratory activities are assisted by technical and administrative personnel and by the tutors that participate in the above-mentioned activities.




 Dida Research
DIDA Workshops
DIDA Theses
DIDA Extra
The Laboratory produces information material on paper -  brochures and booklets – aimed at promoting the educational and research activities of the Department and School of Architecture. It also publishes material related to research projects, workshops, theses, and more generally to all topics concerning architecture and design.


Scientific Reviews
Other Scientific Reviews
DIDA Theses
The Laboratory promotes five scientific series concerning architecture, urban planning and archaeological restoration.

Web e Institutional

Social Networks
Institutional Communication
The Laboratory manages the on-line institutional communication through the Departmental website and the presence on social networks: Facebook, Behance, Issuu.




The Laboratory envisages vocational and educational activities, including traineeships related to the research agreements in process, up to a maximum of three active trainees at a time.






Scientific Director
Giuseppe Lotti

Santa Verdiana
Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 27


055 275 5192





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