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Ergonomics in Design Laboratorybb

The Ergonomics in Design Laboratory operates in the field of Ergonomics applied to the assessment and design of spaces, products, services and equipment.

The scientific and operational aims of the Laboratory are the development and application of ergonomic assessment methodologies, both in the field of traditional ergonomics and in those of usability and Human-Centred Design.

The Laboratory operates in particular:

  • In the development of research programmes on ergonomics issues, with a special focus on security and usability in spaces, products and equipment, at all stages of design process, from the first idea to development and production.
  • In the development of advanced services for public and private research entities, public administrations and companies, in the field of the ergonomics assessment of industrial products, equipment and facilities.
  • In activities in support of teaching at all three levels of university education, in all aspects regarding the application and experimentation of methods, assessment procedures and ergonomic design.

The Laboratory undertakes its activities in collaboration with the Sustainable Design Laboratory and the Design Modelling Laboratory of the Department of Architecture DIDA, together with the Occupational Medicine section of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, and the Department of Education and Psychology of the University of Florence.

The Laboratory works with:

UNI, Ente Italiano di Normazione
INAIL, Istituto Nazionale per l'Assicurazione contro gli infortuni sul lavoro, Toscana
GRC, Centro di Gestione del Rischio Clinico della Regione Toscana
SIE, Società Italiana di Ergonomia e Fattori umani
SIFO, Società Italiana dei Farmacisti ospedalieri
AIFOS, Associazione Italiana Formatori e operatori della Sicurezza sul Lavoro


The specific activities of the Ergonomics in Design Laboratory are:

  • usability assessment through objective evaluation procedures (expert assessment, task analysis, physical-dimensional assessment);
  • usability and safety in use assessments undertaken through involving users methods (user trials) both in the Laboratory and on field;
  • conformity with the technical UNI/ISO regulations concerning ergonomics;
  • comparative testing of products;
  • development of design guidelines;
  • definition of innovative design concepts;
  • modelling and virtual simulation of the user-space-product interaction for the control of anthropometric and bio-mechanic parameters (in collaboration with the Occupational Medicine section of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine);
  • assessment of the sensorial effects of materials and surfaces (in collaboration with Sustainable Design Laboratory);
  • creation of prototypes for the development and verification of user trials (in collaboration with Design Modelling Laboratory).

Areas of intervention

  • daily use products;
  • systems and products;
  • products, equipment and work stations;
  • interface systems and control panels;
  • home and work spaces;
  • packaging systems;
  • sport products, equipment and facilities, both professional and amateur;
  • products, equipment and facilities for weak users (especially the elderly, handicapped and people with physical or sensory discomforts);
  • products, equipment and facilities for health and care purposes.


Opening hours

By appointment only:


Production and research

  • Cucinelli

     Brunello Cucinelli factory.
    Ergonomics evaluation and
    first design phase

  • triaca

    Technologies for the reduction
    of the environmental impact of
    campers in the usage phase

    New line of horizontal freezers
    innovative in terms of environmental
    sustainability, energy savings
    eco-efficient performance
    and product design
  • Well living
    Well Living
      Innovative solutions
    for modern  kitchen furniture
    and equipment
  • ibike
    The Intermodal Bike

    Multi-modal integration of
    cycle mobility




  • SmartRunning

    "Smart Running" Workshop
    definition of scenarios and concepts
    for products and systems related  
    to indoor and outdoor running

     HighChest Workshop

    innovative concepts
    for the chest freezer sector

  • triaca

    TRIACA Workshop

      innovative concepts
    for the camper sector

  • ibike
    Well Living in Kitchen
    design workshop

    technological and usage innovation
    for the kitchen




  • ibike
    Ergonomic Design

    Theoretical and applied ergonomics
    for the design of products
    and  product systems



  • master ergonomia 1
    Master Degree in Ergonomics
    I Edition

    Product ergonomics for
    equipment and services

  • master ergonomia 2
    Master Degree in Ergonomics
    II Edition

    Space, product
    and organization ergonomics




  • eventi design stories
    Design Stories

    cycle of conferences
    aimed at the promotion of research
    and the valorization of the link
    between university and business




The Laboratory accepts a maximum of three active trainees at a time.

Candidates must submit their request by electronic post to the Scientific Director of the Laboratory, Professor Francesca Tosi, including their C.V. in European format.



Scientific Director
Francesca Tosi

Alessandra Rinaldi
Coordinatore Scientifico

Alessia Brischetto

Irene Bruni
PhD Student

Daniele Busciantella Ricci
PhD Student

Mattia Pistolesi
PhD Student



Design Campus
via Sandro Pertini, 93
50041 - Calenzano (FI)





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