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Theatre and Architecture Laboratory


The Laboratory in an operative design workshop aimed at including the issue of artistic creativity in the scientific and cultural education of the student of architecture. It is the product of the partnership between the Department of Architecture and the theatre company TSK | Teatro Studio Krypton and it fosters research, training and knowledge transfer in the area of theatre architecture, the theatrical nature of architecture, the relationship between space and time within the project, and the creation of events and performances.
Through the methods and tools of stage production (mise-en-scene), the Laboratory carries out experimental activities concerning architectural language: on the stage, the urban space and the landscape.
The Laboratory thus offers a true experience, an operative activity which can be applied to architectural design from a theatrical point of view, such as productions for the stage, fairs, conventions, as well as set designs, as well as from an urban perspective, where the mise-en-scene becomes an instrument for enhancing the city itself.
Amongst the activities of the Laboratory is the in-depth analysis of the theatrical apparatus, from the study of historical theatrical devices to the application of new technologies.

The spaces and equipment utilised are those of the Santa Verdiana Exhibition Centre, as well as those of the Church of Santa Verdiana.


Scientific Director
Carlo Terpolilli

Santa Verdiana
Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 27






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