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DIDA Ricerche

The DIDARicerche series of scientific publications is aimed at the diffusion of the results of the research and projects carried out by DIDA, Department of Architecture of the University of Florence. Every volume is subject to qualitative acceptance and assessment procedures based on peer review and entrusted to a specifically appointed Scientific Committee at DIDA. All publications are available online through open access, which favours an effective assessment from the entire international scientific community. Publications bear witness to all the areas of research, teaching and knowledge transfer in which DIDA is involved, which include Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture and Design. These are activities carried out at the local, national and international levels, often in collaboration with other Departments, Universities, Institutions and business enterprises.

In its variety of research interests, the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence offers a useful contribution to international research on the project, both at the theoretical-critical and applied levels
Buffer Zone

La Collana Heritage_CITYlab della serie di pubblicazioni scientifiche DIDARicerche ha l’obiettivo di diffondere i risultati di ricerche realizzate dal Dipartimento di Architettura DIDA dell’Università di Firenze, nate da convenzioni e accordi di ricerca svolti con l’ufficio UNESCO del Comune di Firenze e riguardanti progetti ritenuti strategici per il Piano di Gestione del Sito UNESCO Centro Storico di Firenze.


Marco Bini, Carolina Capitanio, Carlo Francini
Buffer Zone

L'area di rispetto per sito UNESCO centro storico di Firenze
The safeguarding area for the Historic Centre of Florence, UNESCO site

anno di pubblicazione: 2015
pagine: 120
formato: 24x27 cm

The book presents the preparatory scientific study carried out by the research group of the University of Florence, and the various phases of discussion between the concerned authorities of the municipalities of Florence, Bagno a Ripoli, Fiesole and Sesto Fiorentino, in the proceedings that led to the proposal and final approval of the buffer zone for the Historic Centre of Florence UNESCO site.

ISBN: 9788896080320 issuu
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