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Founded in 2003 by Giulio G. Rizzo, coordinator at the time of the PhD programme in Landscape Design. It is thus an experience born in a research-oriented university context. From 2009 to 2014 it was edited by Gabriele Corsani, who had also taken over from Rizzo as coordinator of the PhD, and who maintained the characteristic presence of research doctors in the editing committee, as well as the initial profile of the review as a study group. From 2014, Ri-Vista is a part of the scientific periodicals of the University related to the Department of Architecture, and is edited by Gabriele Paolinelli, who heads the Landscape Architecture section of the new PhD in Architecture. This has coincided with a new series that the editorial board had been preparing for over a year. The first series, 2003-2013, is entirely available for consultation or download. The second series, which begins with number 0/2014, marks a new direction yet maintains some continuity with the previous production, as well as its original nature as a biannual free-access digital review. The new graphic design, sober and elegant, facilitates consultation online, and presents a good overall quality in terms of image and communication.


Ri-Vista serie 2
vol. 01 - 2015

Il tema che questo numero di Ri-Vista intende esplorare è in sé complesso, ricco di sfumature interpretative. Se per ‘accessibilità’ si può intendere, in termini generali, la possibilità delle persone di accedere e dunque fruire delle risorse, il concetto conosce molteplici declinazioni, correlate in particolare alla tipologia di risorsa in gioco (sociale, culturale, economica ecc.).



ISSN: 1724-6768 issuu

Ri-vista serie 2 - 1/2

Ri-Vista serie 2
vol. 1-2 - 2014 

Ri-vista 2008-2013

Ri-Vista 2008-2013

Ri-vista 2003-2012

Ri-Vista 2003-2007






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