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Architectural and Urban Planning and Design

The approach of the PhD programme in Architectural and Urban Planning and Design, as well as its operative structure, are based on two premises: the awareness of a continuous and progressive modification of the disciplinary tools involved, of the interpretative paradigms, and finally of the linguistic expressions, all of which must be translated into research projects that are capable of producing original contributions to the re-definition of statutes (currently in a state of accelerated de-formation), but also the need to train researchers, and perhaps future teachers, whose education is the result of both in-depth theoretical and critical understanding and practical design experimentation.

The programme is organised into 3 fields of study:

  • Architectural Planning and Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Interior Architecture

Prof. Ulisse Tramonti


Cycle XXXI

Vincenzo Moschetti
Agela Benfante
Mohsen Rostami



last update: 18-Mar-2016
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