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History of Architecture and the City

Educational Objectives

The syllabus in History of Architecture and the City studies topics related to architecture and the city throughout history, from ancient to contemporary times, adopting the widest possible definition of cultural heritage, through a reflection on the variety of research methodologies and interpretations, and their development in time. The educational activities envisage the acquisition of a solid interpretative capacity regarding the inter-disciplinary analysis of both history and history of art, as well as of the practical application of architectural disciplines. Mastery of at least one foreign language, together with an appropriate educational period abroad, are considered necessary for interacting with the international scientific community.

The increase and improvement of critical capacities is aimed at the writing of scientific texts, and to efficiency in the various modes and registers of communication.

The degree in History of Architecture and the City aims to train operators committed to the knowledge, safeguarding and valorization of the historical and architectural heritage, at both the regional and urban levels. On the professional front it is aimed to students who wish to devote themselves to research, management and teaching activities at various levels, from schools to university, as well as in both private and public cultural entities and institutions. In practice it aims to train operators in the fields of architectural and environmental management and safeguarding within those public and private entities devoted to these objectives (superintendencies, local entities, museums, foundations, archives, etc.), and as independent professionals working in activities related to the management, restoration and valorization of the cultural, architectural and environmental heritage.


Training Programme

The degree in History of Architecture and the City envisages a specific Training Programme structured over a three-year period.

During the first year compulsory attendance to a foreign language course chosen by the PhD candidate from amongst those offered by the Language Lab of the University (or an equivalent course) is envisaged. A certificate will be obtained for this course. Attendance to the course in Librarianship at the Library of Technological Sciences is also compulsory, as well as the courses held by the History Lab of the Specialization School.

During the three years, together with the activities offered by the PhD in Architecture, other specific educational curricular activities will be undertaken, such as lectures, study surveys, seminars and conferences. The educational activities are therefore completed through attendance to scientific conventions and seminars concerning History of Architecture and the City, held at both Italian and foreign entities and institutions. Participation, through seminars and conferences, in educational activities carried out by teachers of ICAR 18 are also envisaged, as well as co-supervisions of B.A. theses on History of Architecture.

PhD candidates will present biannual reports to the College Board on the progress of their research projects.

Prof. Mario Bevilacqua


Cycle XXXI

Rita Panattoni
Anna Fratin Pichetto


last update: 18-Mar-2016
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