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Filippo Bosi - XXVIII cycle


Graduated with Honours at the University of Florence (2010/2011). Member of the TxP Research UniFI (from 2009). Internship at Architectural Solutions KME AG & Co., D. (2012). Architect (2012). Internship at the Technical Area of the Airport of Florence Spa (2013). As of 2012 has been Assistant Teacher in the following courses: Project Management and Technology Lab II at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence. Honorary Researcher at the University of Salford, UK. (2014). Temporary Research Fellow at DIDA/UniFI and Visiting Researcher at the Israel Inst. of Technology (2014).

He is the Architect in charge of Terminal Design & Passenger Experience at Toscana Aeroporti SpA (2015).

Scientific interests:

Design Science Research, Lean Design, Airport Design, Architectural Technology, Building Information Modeling

Title of dissertation

“ALI - Airport Lean Integration”

The European Commission, in an Official Communication sent to the European Parliament in 2011, proposed new targets regarding policies on skills, quality and environment for the development of the Common Air Space in 2030. The aim is to promote economic growth, connections and sustainable mobility, introducing a performance scheme for air transportation, operations, and all related services, hosted on ground. Airport Design is ever more important for the industry because it has an influence on the operation phase of the life cycle of airports, and consequently on the quality of passenger experience and the fulfilling of capacity and efficiency requirements. Traditional methodologies are not sufficiently sensitive to the variability in time of the project; costly design errors have demonstrated the need for comprehensive project methodologies which are based upon sharing information on the project.

PhD research is focused on the methodological aspects of the development of the project in order to identify elements, including those obtained on-field, useful for defining a new project development methodology and the corresponding support tools, based upon the application of concepts and principles derived from industrial production (Lean Mind-set). The originality of the resarch consists in the transfer of the Lean_Process to Project Design Management. The aim of the research is to define a state of the art Airport Design, a Lean Design methodology with its corresponding support tools, and identify areas for further research in Design Science Research.

The thesis, “ALI - Airport Lean Integration”, proposes the study of, and experimentation with, innovative methodologies for simplifying project activities, reducing errors and increasing the value of the project for both clients and users. The research aims as well to explain the contemporary scene related to Airport Design and to foresee future trends through evidence obtained from the analysis of current practices, best practices and common problems identified in todays Airport Design Project Development.
last update: 22-Mar-2016
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