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Alessandra Donato - XXVIII cycle


Graduated with honours in Engineering and Architecture from the University of Pisa in 2009. As of 2012 she began to work for the Interuniversitary Centre ABITA on international research projects in the field of sustainable architecture and energy efficiency of buildings. In 2010 she obtained a grant from the University of Pisa for working on the evaluation of seismic vulnerability of hospital facilities in the Tuscan Region.

She has worked with studio Archit Architetti Associati in Pisa (2009-2012).

In 2012 she obtained the ABITA Master's degree at the University of Florence with the thesis: “Energy diagnostics and dynamic simulation of an office building, the case of the Town Council in Aosta”.


Scientific interests:_

Environmental sustainability, Energy re-qualification of buildings, Thermal physics of buildings, Analysis of the energy performance of the building's envelope, Environmental monitoring and outdoor testing.

Title of the thesis

“Analysis and monitoring in a dynamic regime of the energy performance of the components of the envelope through outdoor testing”

The thesis is a part of a joint research programme between the Department of Architecture (DIDA) and the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEF) of the University of Florence. It consists of experimental activities which envisage the carrying out of both laboratory and outdoor tests for determining the thermo-physical characteristics of materials and technological systems for walls using the Test Cell Unifi, an open-air laboratory for dynamic regime testing run by the ABITA Centre as a part of the ABITARE MEDITERRANEO project._

The construction industry is facing today a reorganization of its know-how in response to European Union regulations concerning energy efficiency. The strong incentives towards innovation in the field of technology of materials have brought to the construction market certain products and envelope systems that are characterised by high performance levels that combine innovative materials (PCM, VIP, Aerogel, nanostructured) which are capable of modifying their chemical-physical structure as the external weather conditions vary.

The main technical limitations to the adoption of the said systems in construction lie in the difficulty of evaluating their energy performance through ordinary lab tests and of simulating their energy performance through the most common instruments for dynamic analysis. The evaluation of the thermal-physical performance of these systems through the use of outdoor testing may contribute significantly to overcoming the said limitations.

In light of this, the main objective of the research is that of activating a process of industrialization of research which favours the involvement of the scientific sector in the processes related to product innovation in the field of energy efficiency through the use of Test Unifi. For that purpose, the thesis aims to provide a contribution to the development of the monitoring system through the establishment of a procedure for the Management, Analysis and Verification of the experimental data derived from outdoor testing in a dynamic regime for the technological improvement of innovative envelope components.
last update: 22-Mar-2016
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