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Paolina Ferrulli - XXVIII cycle


Paolina Ferrulli (1987) graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence with a thesis on Technology of Architecture and Project Management with the title of PLANe – Guidelines for the development of airport terminals.

Member of the research team TxP Research UniFI as of 2010, she has participated in the research and writing of scientific publications and didactic material on the subject of green airport design.

She is teaching assistant in the courses of Project Management and in the Environmental Design Lab in the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence.


Scientific interests:

Project design management, Airport design, Sustainability, Performance based design, Green building


Title of the thesis_

“Green Airport Design Evaluation (GrADE) – Collaborative method and tools for carbon emission reduction”



This research is related to the field of the research and analysis regarding the questions concerning the management of design procedures for sustainability which, as a complex system of choices taken with the participation of technicians and professionals coming from a variety of fields, represents an area in which techniques and procedures devised for facilitating the sharing and integration of know-how is essential.

Airport projects require many levels of analysis and evaluation for identifying the limitations for development and the impacts on the environment at various scales and in relation to the operative capacity. Long-term planning must necessarily take into account environmental concerns and how these interact and bear an influence upon the operative, economic and social aspects in relation to the activities undertaken and to scenarios of increased operational activities and the development of infrastructures in the region.

Climate change, the European regulations on carbon and greenhouse gasses emissions, energy savings objectives and the increase in the quota of the use of renewable resources require an increase as well in systemic modifications in the management of the processes of  design and planning, including green building requirements. This scenario has brought an increased dissemination of systems for certifying sustainability. The application of models such as LEED represent both an incentive and support for sustainable design and planning. In order to efficiently transfer these models to  Airport Design it is necessary to refer to development criteria and to impact systems that are specific to the field.

This research project aims to develop methods and tools for the definition and assessment of performance, as well as of the design and planning strategies and technologies relative to Green Airport Design. The expected results of the research will be useful to operators in the field, both for assessment purposes and for adjusting to the design and planning strategies determined in Europe, as well as for establishing design and planning objectives and for developing and assessing specific techniques and performance features.


last update: 22-Mar-2016
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