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Irene Bruni - XXVIII cycle


Graduated in Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence. She is currently working on a research PhD (XXVIII Cycle). She is teaching assistant in the Ergonomics for Design Lab and collaborates in research projects at the Department of Architecture – DIDA - since 2011, on subjects related to Usability, Interaction, and User Centred Design. She also works freelance with companies and professional studios on projects related to product and interior design.



Design for healthy living


The research focuses on questions regarding the welfare and health of individuals in connection to the fast diffusion of advanced digital technologies which condition the ways of interaction between individuals, devices and environments. The context of application concerns household environments, understood as an integral part of a wider system (which includes health, sport, and other spaces) that is continuously interconnected and composed of solutions, sub-systems, devices and good practices, directed towards a healthy and active life-style. The research is organised according to various contents: the background, that is the socio-cultural context and the tools of the designer-researcher, following a design-thinking and human-centred approach; the individual, needs, personal and social motivations and new behaviours; the individual in relationship to the “exterior”, new usage experiences, new interaction methods, reactions to transitions; the context of application, household spaces and activities in relation to innovative technologies. During experimentation phases ethnographic analysis will be carried out, aimed at the validation of the hypotheses identified in the research areas at large mentioned above. Through the definition of possible scenarios and project guidelines, we hope that the data obtained may be useful, especially in view of experimental research projects and the creation of synergies amongst stakeholders.
last update: 22-Mar-2016
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