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Ramona Aiello - XXIX cycle


Graduated from the Three-year Master's Degree in Design specialising in the fiel of product and product communication as well as in the various aspect related to design experience and interaction, including the diffusion and sale of the product. She coordinates the e.craft lab which is run jointly by UNIFI and She is a tutor at the REIdesign lab, and carries out research activities related to the interaction between digital processes and technologies of new products/services. She is co-founder of the XY Project, an academic spin-off within IUF.

Provisional title of the research
Designing an experience for the global user through made in Italy products.


Supervisor prof. Elisabetta Cianfanelli

The topic of the research is the internationalisation of products made in Italy, through the application of digital technologies from the production line to the interaction with the customer, with the purpose of providing a satisfactory experience for the purchaser, communicating the values that are inherent to Italian production. The research subjects include the analysis of the Italian Enterprise System (Sistema imprese Italia), specifically of the manufacturing sector and of the new export-oriented markets, e-business, internet economy, Internet Of Things, and questions related to user experience. The analysis processes used were specifically devised for this research and may thus be considered as experiments tested and verified on selected case histories. The said processes are aimed at the certification of both the Italian products and the processes themselves. The research focuses on allowing the global consumer to understand the inherent value of the high-quality manufactured product and promoting the duo digital/export as a tool for the recovery of Italian SME. The general objective is that of defining a hypothesis concerning the acquired experience of the product made in Italy as a holistic correlation between product, region and society, in order to determine guidelines for the carrying out of a pilot project aimed at interactive retail and for assessing the user experience in the end user.
last update: 22-Mar-2016
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