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Flavia Pastò - XXVIII cycle


Personal description:

Landscape architect, born in Padua (1983). Graduated in Landscape Architecture in Venice (IUAV), and later obtained a Master's Degree in green spaces and landscape design at the University of Turin. She is a research fellow and assistant teacher at IUAV, and works professionally in both Padua and Venice. She is currently completing her PhD dissertation at the University of Florence and TUM University in Munich, where she is also collaborating with professors B. Guccione, F. Panzini and U. Weilacher.

Scientific interests specified through key words:

landscape architecture, history of gardens, landscape of memory, landscape and perception, re-cycle.


Abstract of dissertation research:

From the second half of the Twentieth century the design of memorial spaces has increasingly used the language of landscape architecture, and has thus been successful in coming across to different cultures. The work involves isolating the main elements that constitute the lexical structure of memorials, as well as their comparison and analysis, in order to determine whether they are worthy of the role assigned to them by the designer, and whether they relate correctly to other similar sites. This offers new interpretative keys. The research aims to prove as well how the use of the language and grammar of nature, and therefore of landscape architecture, being our native language, may facilitate, in the construction of contemporary memorials, the stimulation, description, evocation and elicitation of emotions shared by multicultural collectives.
last update: 07-Apr-2016
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