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Claudia Mezzapesa - XXX cycle


Graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence, and has a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture. She is currently enrolled in the PhD programme (XXX Cycle). Teaching assistant in the Regional Green Systems Lab. She works freelance for professional studios and public entities, where she carries out landscape and garden planning and design. She is a member of the editorial board of NIPmagazine, a journal devoted to landscape, architecture and urban regeneration.

Specific scientific interests identified through key words

Design process / landscape architecture / research by design / reverse landscape design process / landscape sciences


The Design Process in Landscape Architecture


In landscape architecture the design process is generated through a system of give and take involving requirements and free choices, it brings about infinite reactions and goes down complex pathways to understanding through a constant exchange of acquired knowledge and design improvements. This stimulates additional disciplinary fields and determines the search for quality in the project, not only in the final result but also in the process itself.

The process, more than the product, represents a landscape project that is able to generate and share high quality urban places.

The research will draw upon both history and contemporary trends, selecting the most significant examples, the most emblematic designers and the movements that better represent this approach.

Since the process is developed practically, a research on this topic cannot avoid considering experimentation. The experiment in question in this case will be to study the project through an inverse interpretation, verifying intersections, superpositions, regressions and advances in the various project phases, and to determine how these dynamics have generated a specific landscape project.
last update: 16-June-2016
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