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Stefano Reyes - XXVIII cycle


Stefano Reyes

Born in Catania in 1982.

1996-2006 Traineeship in the teaching of improvisational theatre.

2001 B.A. in Architecture, ISAB, Bologna

2008 M.A. in Architecture, Ferrara

2009 Obtained Professional Licence as Architect

2010-2014 Coordinator of the project Luoghi di Sosta Pedonale ( Recognitions: INU, CINECA, Municipality of Bologna, TEDx. Speaker at conferences organised by research centres, public entities and universities in Emilia.

2014 Master's Degree in the planning and design of participative processes, Florence and Siena


Scientific interests

Proxemics, Environmental and architectural psychology, Non-verbal communication, Influence of urban forms on behaviour, Participative planning and design


Abstract of the dissertation

Spatio-temporal and behavioural structures are a subject matter for both urban studies and ethnocoreology (analysis of organised movement) since they contribute to the definition of and bear influence on the behaviour of the inhabitants and the interactions between them.

Urban planners define the space for interaction that inhabitants use for living in society or in communities.

In celebrations and traditional dances, the dancers firstly determine the space for interaction and then use it for “moving together”.

While urban planning deals with determining spaces for sustaining social life, dance and celebration involve elements in continuous redefinition in order to find renewed social contracts.

The analysis of traditional celebration, a moment devised to reinforce communities, may thus help us to re-think the urban structure so that it too may contribute to social cohesion and regeneration.
last update: 22-Mar-2016
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