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Manuel Marin - XXIX cycle


PhD candidate in Architecture (programme in Urban and Landscape Planning and Design). After a three-year degree in Regional Geography (Geografia dei Processi Territoriali) at the University of Padua, which he finished in 2009, he obtained a Master's Degree in Urban and Landscape Planning and Design at the University of Florence. He has collaborated for the past four years with the UNESCO office of the Municipality of Florence.


Scientific interests

Urban planning, economic geography, urban planning policies, technological innovation.


Abstract of the dissertation

In view of the acceleration of urbanization processes in the past few decades, new terminologies are being sought to define a new spatial phenomenology which has significantly modified settlement structures: urban sprawl, outer cities, edge cities, city region, mega city region, etc.

What is clear today is that concepts such as “city” and “metropolis” carry hierarchical connotations and produce splits that are no longer significant for understanding the spatial organisations of society. Spatial organisations that are in continuous re-configuration through multi-scale processes which find representation in the development of ecosystems related to technological innovation.
last update: 22-Mar-2016
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