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Andrea Alcalini - XXX cycle


Obtained a Three-year degree in Environmental and Regional Planning (2009) at the University of Florence – with a thesis entitled: Dynamics and transformation in the region of Manfredonia (Dinamiche e trasformazioni sul territorio di Manfredonia).

Master's Degree in Urban and Landscape Planning and Design (2013) at the University of Florence – with a thesis entitled: Dynamics, transformations, choices and land use of a region: la Vallesina (Dinamiche, trasformazioni, scelte e consumi di un territorio: La Vallesina).

Since 2012 he has done research on land use and urban sprawls, with a special focus on the deregulation/distortion of settlement development. He is a member since 2013 of the national research group  Riutilizziamo l’Italia - WWF. In 2014 he enrolled in the PhD programme in Urban and regional planning at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence.


Scientific interests of the PhD candidate:

Deregulation – distortion – disorder – mistrust – organised crime


Abstract/objectives of the dissertation

Research will inquire into topics and questions related to urban planning and social sciences, focusing on the possibility of spaces of convergence between regional government and the very peculiar forms of power derived from organised crime. The aim will be that of understanding in which way, and to what extent these powers are capable of conditioning regional transformation processes. The research will concurrently analyse their possible effects on physical spaces and on the ways of usage of the city and the territory. It also asks questions such as, what is the responsibility of the planner, and what will his future role be, in view of all of this?
last update: 22-Mar-2016
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