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Alexander Palummo - XXX cycle


After studying Regional Information Systems at IUAV, he graduated at DiDA, UniFI. He is an urban planner who has collaborated with both private and public entities in projets regarding water management and environmental information. He has done work on water related I.T. at the CNR and the Sant’Anna School in Pisa. He is a member of the CIRF, through which he promotes River Restoration, and he is interested as well in ecologic networks, geomatics, GIS and modern UAV technologies.

Key Words

River restoration, Land planning, Ecological network, Geographic Information System, Biodiversity conservation.



The work aims at proposing a new methodology for research and intervention based on River Restoration which envisages: a systematization of the knowledge acquired from various sectors regarding the reduction of hydric/hydro-ecological risks, a comparison of Italian and European planning instruments regarding the subject in question, the definition of strategies for shared and participative risk management, and the realisation of a chart of morphotypes of different river contexts. Considering that River Restoration aims at the return to the original natural state of watercourses and the reduction of hydric/hydro-ecological risks, the proposed interventions may be understood as an attempt to return as much as possible to the “natural ecological state” of rivers. Research will therefore analyse the specific characteristics of Tuscan river basins, involving in the monitoring, management and project operations not only institutions, but also local communities, initiating in doing so a process of redefinition of the relationship of populations with “their” rivers.
last update: 22-Mar-2016
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