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Piani e Progetti per la Città e il Territorio Laboratoryb


The Laboratory Piani e Progetti per la Città e il Territorio operate under the coordination of DIDALABS System, and is a structure for the research, training and transfer of knowledge of the Department of Architecture DIDA and the University of Florence.

The Laboratory may also be an operational structure of the department for services provided to other collaborations and research agreements and conventions third parties identified in the territorial and may become a promoter for activating grants and research grants from the Local Authorities and / or other public or private entities.

It promotes and coordinates training activities such as seminars, workshops and other training activities.

It operates as a coordination structure between Local Authorities, the Department DIDA and the University of Florence for participation in Horizon 2020 calls, calls to national and regional character and scientific management of funded projects.



Open to the public: Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.30

Laboratory Facilities

The laboratory is equipped with a workstation, A0 plotter, Photo Scanner A0, local file server, wireless connection to Internet.


A Project of urban innovation in the Municipality of Empoli


pulsante issue PPCT


As a whole the project aims to build up an organized integrated program within the appropriately selected targets fixed by POR, and the criteria of feasibility, of the answer to real verified demands and also the criteria of the consistency with public sponsored enterprises as against public functions working on a strategic context of local and territorial importance. Therefore the project points out the following aims:

  • Reduction of  social discomforts about the national health Service and of  the functional reuse of buildings and areas for strictly social functions in the pursuit of the centrality and the accessibility of the FUA and UC users; the aim is to be reached thanks to specific operations (action 9.3.5 National Health Service- House of Health and jointly liable condominium and 9.6.6. Functional Reuse for social functions (co-working , laboratories, exhibition and social spaces, social aggregation and food premises related, Urban Center, Smart Library;
  • Integrated system of facilities through the reuse of a substantial amount of public property in a strategic urban area acting as a connection between the FS station and the historical city center over the walls, a highly complicated social economic area to deal with though, because of the presence of non EU immigrant communities, a lot of vacant shops and discarded activities, physical decay of areas and buildings, cul-de-sac areas, unused public buildings;
  • Smart functional connection of the public spaces related to the project, such aim pursued in action 9.6.6 ( court system and public connection and open space system) and action 4.1.3;
  • Centered experimentation in the public field of innovative technological systems considering the driving value of the public intervention in the private enterprise and of the social growth; particularly important is to be considered the improvement of the eco-efficiency of public buildings and the smart lighting of public areas with their integrated connections, thus reaching an economic saving ;the target is pursued through the action 4.1.1 Eco-efficiency of buildings and 4.1.3;
  • Involvement of the social parties and of the various associations on the occasion of the drawing up of the project, then during its realization and subsequent management. The project also aims to promote forms of aggregation, which at the moment are very few or not present at all, with a view to creating or improving the integration of emarginated social classes of Empoli society;
  • Management of the tools and of the services leading to specific functions with the participation of private action according to the various situations, which is greatly important in a program involving  exclusively public properties.



foto laboratorio PPCT


The Laboratory Piani e Progetti per la Città e il Territorio can be active curricular internships for students who apply in accordance with the provisions of the Regolamento DIDALABS - Sistema dei Laboratori del Dipartimento di Architettura DIDA art. 9 c.3.

"The laboratories of DIDALABS can accommodate students and graduates internship curricular and extracurricular, PhD students and graduates with specific scholarships."

Trainees can apply to do their training period, exclusively in reference to a Joint Laboratory. You can not make the curricular internship if they are not active and operating Laboratories with organizations and institutions.

The compilation of the training project and the subsequent activation of the internship takes place only on the basis of a work program of a Joint Laboratory.

Each Joint Laboratory can accommodate simultaneously more than 3 trainees.



Scientific Directors

Claudio Saragosa
David Fanfani




Sede laboratorio
Via Paladini, 40
Empoli FI



last update: 22-Apr-2016
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