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Dar Med Laboratory

Dar Med Laboratory


The Laboratory DAR|MED operates in the Euro-Mediterranean contexts with the purpose of combining knowledge and competencies related to specific fields within a common vision focused on the role in terms of the project of both material and intangible heritage. The adopted approach combines the instances related to the sustainability, safeguarding, recovery and valorisation of the architectural, urban and landscape heritage with those concerning innovation and experimentation in the construction of policies.


Specific areas of competence of the Laboratory are:

  • the project and safeguarding of the city, the territory and the landscape
  • analysis and project concerning human settlements and dwellings
  • survey and diagnostics
  • materials and structures for architecture
  • design for cultural heritage
  • design for sustainability and social innovation
  • recovery of built heritage and sustainability
  • knowledge, study and documentation of the historical-artistic, archaeological and architectural heritage


The Laboratory participate in national and international research programmes, fostering interaction at all levels, between academic institutions, public administrations, education and research institutions and associations, start-up businesses, productive entities, companies and civil society, promoting research and the exchange of ideas and experiences, detailed interdisciplinary studies and analyses, publications, and the generation of models, pilot projects and prototypes.


  • S. Bertocci, G. Pancani, P. Puma, A. Ricci, G. Minutoli. Survey, redevelopment and redesign of an urban void in Sefrou.
  • F. Collotti, E. Martinelli, C. Morea, L. Antichi, A. Meliani, Fès: a new meaning to spaces and landscapes. Redevelopment of archaeological area of the Merinidi tombs (C. Signorini, dissertation in Architecture 2017), Recomposition of the walls and access to R’cif square (M. Piol, dissertation in Architecture 2017), Places for culture at Borj South (G. Gioachin, dissertation in Architecture 2017).
  • L. Dipasquale, S. Galassi, G. Tempesta, N. Ruggieri, Timber roof structures in Northern Morocco: constructive analysis and mechanical assessment.
  • L. Dipasquale, S. Mecca, U. Tonietti, L. Rovero, M. R. Gisotti, Architectural heritage and building culture of the Sefrou medina. Analysis, conservation, innovation.
  • L. Dipasquale, S. Mecca, S. Caccia, S. Bertocci, V. Stefanini Pennucci, Built heritage and sustainable development. Research-development-innovation project, financed by Fès-Meknès Region.
  • D. Giorgi (coord.), Projets de Recherche-Développement-Innovation 2016 – Région Fès Meknés: Création d’un Cluster sur le design et l’innovation pour le développement des productions artisanales et manufacturières dans la région Fès – Meknès (2016 in progress), partnership with UEMF and the Centre de Formation dans le Métiers de l’Artisanat de Fès.
  • M.R. Gisotti, M. Carta, Mediterranean neo-metropoles: the great ongoing transformation of Morocco facing sustainability’s challenge.
  • L. Hadda, The minbars in wood of the mediaeval mosques of Fès.
  • G. Lotti (coord.), M’ART: support to the craft production and to the social economy in Fès and Tanger (Morocco) (2017 in progress), partnership with COSPE.
  • G. Pancani, S. Galassi, G. Zuppanti, M. Bigongiari, Survey and seismic vulnerability assessment of the Caracalla’s arch in the archaeological site of Volubilis (Morocco).


Opening hours

The laboratory observes an opening schedule scheduled by the Scientific Director and the Thematic Coordinators according to the research and activities in progress. The timetable is constantly communicated to the visitors.



The Laboratory envisages vocational and educational activities, including traineeships related to the research agreements in process, up to a maximum of three active trainees at a time.



Scientific Director
Saverio Mecca


Thematic coordination

Francesco Collotti


Cities Territory and Landscape
Maria Rita Gisotti


Giuseppe Lotti



Gabriele Bartocci
Alessandro Brodini
Susanna Caccia Gherardini
Massimo Carta
Francesco Collotti
Letizia Dipasquale
Fabio Fratini
Stefano Galassi
Debora Giorgi
Maria Rita Gisotti
Lamia Hadda
Anna Lambertini
Giuseppe Lotti
Saverio Mecca
Giovanni Pancani
Claudio Piferi
Alberto Pireddu
Luisa Rovero
Ugo Tonietti


External collaboration

Serena Acciai
Eliana Martinelli
Claudia Morea
Francesco Pisani
Valentina Stefanini Pennucci
Giacomo Zuppanti



Santa Teresa
Via della Mattonaia 8



last update: 13-Mar-2019
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