Educational Objectives

The PhD Degree in Design of the School of Architecture is aimed at training researchers capable of working in research projects both in universities and in collaboration with public entities and private companies on topics related to strategic design, as well as of product, communication and services design. The PhD provides the methods and tools used by research in design – and inter-disciplinary approach, design as catalyst of various contributions, research-action, the relationship between research and the project. The results obtained are verified through participation in research activities carried out through commission or request from a third party.


Training Programme

On the educational level the syllabus in Design is subdivided into a first year devoted to inter-disciplinary activities – aesthetics, sociology, anthropology, economics, engineering, marketing, etc. - and a a second year which includes distance learning and specific disciplinary contributions  - ICAR13 / Industrial Design, with the participation of professors and researchers from other Italian institutions. Attention will focus on research methods and tools that are specific to the field of design. Educational activities will be completed by common activities organized in conjunction with the other PhD programmes of the School of Architecture.

PhD Candidates will actively participate in research projects organized by the Design Section, with the purpose of experimenting in practice what is learned in theoretical lessons.


Ist year classes (December 2014- June 2015) Design Campus, via S. Pertini 93, Calenzano

  • Mauro Lombardi (University of Florence / Economics and innovation Gaetano Torrisi (University of Siena) / Innovative Marketing
  • Marco Fioravanti (University of Florence) / Traditional Knowledge and Innovation
  • Federico Rotini (University of Florence) / Principles of Intellectual Property and Patent Research
  • Andrea Mecacci (University of Florence) / Aesthetics and Design / 27 January
  • Filippo Cavallo (Istituto Superiore Sant’Anna) / Service Robotics for Assisted Life Environments
  • Leonardo Chiesi, Paolo Costa (University of Florence) / Sociology of Design
Claudia Brancati (University of Florence) / Cognitive Psychology and Design Pietro Meloni (University of Siena) / Anthropology and Design

Prof. Giuseppe Lotti


Teaching Staff

Gianpiero Alfarano
Elisabetta Benelli
Elisabetta Cianfanelli
Laura Giraldi
Vincenzo Legnante
Saverio Mecca
Massimo Ruffilli
Francesca Tosi


PhD Candidates


Irene Bruni

Marco Marseglia

Cycle XXIX

Daniele Busciantella Ricci
Ramona Aiello
Ronaldo Martins Glufke
Janaina Da Silva Moroni

Cycle XXX

Roberta Vita
Jurji Filieri


Cycle XXXI

Valentina Frosini
Mattia Pistolesi
Sininart Kotruchin



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