The Master Degree programmes offered by the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence are post-graduate courses designed with the purpose of developing proficiency in terms of knowledge, skills and new approaches.

The courses blend theoretical knowledge with practical applied activities, and respond to specific requirements of the labour market.

The courses are intended for students, but also for professionals wishing for further education and advanced training.

First level master courses have a duration of one academic year and are accessible to students with a First or Second Cycle Degree as well as other type of diplomas.

Second level master courses are accessible only to students that have a Second Cycle Degree or equivalent.

Information regarding the Master degree curricular apprenticeship.

Master Ist Level


Interior Design

The Master degree trains professionals to critically and creatively interpret the relationship between objects, environments and people, combining planning and design know-how in the areas of decoration, mounting of exhibitions and window-dressing, including the application of new multimedia technologies, with a solid core training (social sciences, history of interior design, materials and technologies), necessary for carrying out the profession with awareness. The educational programme is completed with practical activities such as workshops and apprenticeships in companies, as well as in professional studios and ateliers operating in the field of interior design.

Coordinator Prof. Enzo Legnante

Master IInd Level


ABITA – Bio-ecologic Architecture and Technological Innovation for the Environment

The 12th edition of the Abita Master programme responds to the increasing interest from independent contractors, the public administration and private enterprises in new professionals with specific skills in the field of innovative strategies for the diffusion of renewable energies and their integration in both the urban environment and in built spaces, as well as in sustainable environmental and regional planning.

Coordinator Prof. Marco Sala

 città mediteranee

Sustainable Architecture in Mediterranean Cities

The Master degree programme aims to train, with a high degree of proficiency and based upon a scientifically grounded experience, a new professional figure, that of the specialised professional capable of developing and/or coordinating an organic and integrated project which unifies the traditional field subdivisions. The programme focuses on urban settlements and architectural structures placed in environments with water.

Coordinator Prof. Ulisse Tramonti

smart city

The Smart City Project

The Master degree aims at training and updating professionals and employees of the public administration with the purpose of responding the growing need for highly qualified professionals working in the design, planning and management of the Smart City. During the lessons and through the workshop experience, the course will address theoretical and methodological issues as well as those regarding the design and planning of the Smart City, understood as a green, creative and intelligent city.

Coordinator Prof. Pietro Basilio Giorgeri

web 2014-2015
progetto di verde

Design of Green Public Spaces

The Master degree programme aims at training a specific professional figure capable of operating with a high degree of skill in the field of landscape architecture. The programme thus contributes as well to the application of one of the specific requests of the European Landscape Convention (signed in Florence in October, 2000, and in effect in Italy since September 1, 2006), which commits member states to train specialists in the field of  landscape design.

Coordinator Prof. Mariella Zoppi


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