Building Trust International - Camboo festival 2017

Building Trust international have announced their 7th international design competition which seeks to find an innovative design proposal for a landmark pavilion structure made from bamboo. The bamboo piece will be the centre of a Bamboo Festival Building Trust are hosting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia this March. The competition challenges architects, designers and engineers to provide a design solution which has the chance to shape the future of building with bamboo globally.



« Dear Roberto BOLOGNA, Fernando BARTH, Chiara MORETTI and Denny PAGLIAI,
We are very happy to announce that your design “Hyperbamboo” is the WINNER of the CAMBOO competition. Congratulations, we received a very high number of entries from a wide range of International designers and architects and the level and clarity of design was the highest we have ever seen.
It is testament to the quality and level of innovation expressed within your submission that you have won the competition. On behalf of the Building Trust team and all the jury members may I sincerely thank you for taking part.
We will start building your winning design as the center piece to our CAMBOO festival today and look forward to sharing with you photos of the construction and final design.
Many thanks once again for taking part in the competition.
Kind Regards,
Louise Cole
Co-Founder/ Project Manager, Building Trust international »





HYPERBAMBOO is a hyperbolic bamboo temporary pavilion. Its clear design shows the great potential of bamboo material. The pure and sophisticated geometry of the two intersecting hyperbolic parabolas stresses the material taking advantage of its tensile strength and flexibility characteristic, creating a light form resistant structure and a remarkable architectural space. HYPERBAMBOO combines the traditional material and the innovative construction system, referring to the outstanding roofs of Cambodian architecture as well.
The internal space is based on a single plane which perception is emphasized by the wide covering structure. It is conceived as an open space where freely arranged installations show the characteristics and potential of the bamboo use, as well as those already well expressed by the components of the pavilion itself.

The pavilion entrances are facing both the main longitudinal axis of the square, where people move during the Festival, being completely open in order to ensure a broad understanding of the pavilion and attract people to go through it.The overhanging and sloping roof creates a visual landmark, drawing attention of visitors walking around the big square. The slightly raised plan and the overlying roof favor moments of rest for visitors. The two shorter sides are complemented by inclined walls that shield the view towards the adjacent stores.

collage 01

HYPERBAMBOO can have variable external partitions. It can be completely open or closed on all four sides. It can also be closed alternately on two opposite sides. So it is possible to have different use depending on the functional needs or environmental conditions. The shape created by the roof can efficiently shade the inner space and, at the same time, protect it from rain. The openings on the top of the structure four sides allows natural illumination and cross ventilation of the inner space in both directions.The final result configures the light and dynamic structure obtained by a modular frame that shows the construction process. The hyperbolic curves emphasize the design of the structure allowing the fixing of the transparent cover and the internal and external vision of bamboo elements.

collage 02

Winners of the CAMBOO design challenge

Roberto Bologna,
Fernando Barth,
Chiara Moretti,
Denny Pagliai













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