Med Eco-SuRe - Mediterranean University as Catalyst for Eco-Sustainable Renovation


Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC) – Tunisia

National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) – Tunisia

University of Florence – Department of Architecture (UNIFI-DIDA)  - Italy

University of Seville - Thermal Energy Engineering Department (TMT-US) – Spain

An-Najah National University - Energy Research Centre (ERC) – Palestine

Naples Agency for Energy and Environment- (ANEA) – Italy

Spanish Association for the Internationalization and Innovation of Solar Companies (SOLARTYS) – Spain

University of Campania- Department of Architecture and Industrial Design (DADI) – Italy

National Cluster of The Sectors Of Home Automation, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities (DOMOTYS) – Spain

University of Naples Federico II – Italy



Saverio Mecca, Scientific Director

Antonella Trombadore, Technical Coordinator

Maurizio De Lucia

Carla Balocco

Gisella Calcagno

Juan Camilo Olano

Giacomo Pierucci


Project summary

The Med-EcoSuRe project (Mediterranean University as Catalyst for Eco-Sustainable Renovation) is financed

under the ENICBC programme, which fosters the neighbourhood cooperation between the countries of the

two shores of the Mediterranean Basin. The project addresses the challenges related to environmental

protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation, supporting the energy rehabilitation of high

educational buildings in the Med area.

The two basic pillars of the project are: 1) universities can play a strategic role in the implementation of

innovative strategies to stimulate efficient energy renovations of public buildings in the Med area as hubs to

experiment technological innovation and energy-mix solutions, and 2) university buildings can be renovated

as pilots/living labs with an active involvement of researchers and students.

Networking a wide range of stakeholders (researchers, building and energy managers and technicians,

companies, public organizations, and end-users), the project activated 9 pilot universities/Living Labs engaged

in the real-life energy renovation of the university building, and operating in the development of the specific

knowledge and know-how on the design, construction and operation of high-performance energy renovations,

as well as in the promotion and dissemination of EE best practices and behaviours in the Med area.



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