Nuova sede operativa di Sistema Ambiente S.p.a.

beXLab has been in charge, within an interdisciplinary design consortium, of the environmental design of the winning project of the Italian architectural competition for the new Green Building of Sistema Ambiente S.p.A in the industrial district of Lucca (Tuscany). 

The competition asked for the re-design of the new headquarters inside an unfinished ware-house located in the industrial area of S. Piero a Vico, object of an ongoing urban requalification, coasting the fluvial landscape of the rural Lucca Plain some kilometers NE from its great historical city-centre. It required to efficiently adapt the existing structure (covering a surface of 4.400 m2 approx.), and the external space around (for a total area of 12.500 m2), to address a complex functional program, combining representative and technical activities, from public reception, offices, and collateral semi-public spaces (e.g. auditorium) to several technical spaces for the waste management and the maintenance of the company’s vehicle fleet, requiring particular attention to potential noise and pollutions. The competition also asked for the preparation of a LEED pre-certification.

To reach the NZEB target, the design challenge was to organically upgrade the envelope of the existing structure and to combine with an efficient plant-system consuming energy from renewable sources installed on site. 

Deeply-rooted in the principles of regenerative sustainability, the fundamental of the project was to conceive and design the new Green Building as a means not only to respond to the required energy and environmental performances, but to remark the pivotal role of nature for humans in terms of health, comfort, wellbeing and sociality, and not finally to compose a recognizable image, an icon of high esthetical quality communicating sustainability. 

To address the ambitious challenges posed by the competition, the design process required the coordination of a project team characterised by a strong interdisciplinarity (architects, urban and landscape designers, structural and energy engineers, experts in energy and environmental issues, as well as fire prevention and security coordinators, geologists, agronomists).The effort to integrate and valorise the different disciplinary contributions was supported by the early adoption, since the first phases of the design process, of BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodologies and digital tools to simulate integrated scenarios and guide a data-driven decision making.


The new Sistema Ambiente Headquarter has been designed by the following interdisciplinary design team. Architectural Design: CM2 Associati (Arch. Francesco Adorni, Arch. Marco Oriani; Collaborators: Arch. Flavia Brajon, Arch. Pietro Gualazzi, Arch. Ana Tevzadze, Arch. Fruzsina Servozo); Landscape design, Lighting Design and Security Coordination: MICROSCAPE architecture urban design AA (Arch Patrizia Pisaniello, Arch. Saverio Pisaniello); Service Plant Design: Studio 3Energy Associati (Ing. Marco Aronne, Ing. Matteo Santambrogio, Per. Ind. Pietro Daniele Silvestri); Structural Design: L2 Progetti Srl (Ing. Luca Ferrario, Ing. Luca Zampatti); Agronomic Consultancy: Dott. Agr. Fiorella Castelluccio; Hydrogeological Consultancy: Studio Conti Associati (Dott. Geol. Antonio Conti, Dott. Geol. Vincenzo Giannone, Dott. Ing. Francesco Bocchio); Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Consultancy: beXLab - DIDA Department of Architecture, University of Florence (Prof. Antonella Trombadore, Arch. PhD Gisella Calcagno, Arch. MSc Juan Camilo Olano Salinas)


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