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Farhad Amini - XXXII ciclo


He graduated in Architecture from the Kerman Islamic Azad University of Iran in 2003 and employed as a full-time scientific mission in the mentioned university since 2006 in the faculty of Art, Architecture and Urban Design. He is also a senior member in the Kerman Construction Engineering Organization of Iran since 2005 as an advisor and designer. In 2016 he began his Ph.D. studies at Florence University in the field of Architectural Technology with the theme “Vernacular Heritage: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Rural Development”. His research focuses on rural vernacular settlements in the Iran Lut desert surrounded by different heritages both architectural and cultural. His project aims to identify sustainable solutions hidden in desert heritage and to codify strategies on technical, architectural and territorial scales for Iran rural development as well as future interventions based on a transcultural heritage approach.

Scientific interests:

Vernacular Architecture, Bioclimatic Design, Building Technology, Earthen Materials


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