Historical gardens


The conference seeks to rethink the two Charters on the restoration of historical gardens (Icomos-IFLA and Italian) drawn up in Florence in 1981 in light of the profound changes that have affected the environment, landscape and society during the transition to the new millennium and the results of an international operation in the restoration of gardens, which has been refined on the basis of the criteria laid down in the Char- ters. Particular attention will be paid to professional figures and schools, the impact on conservation and on the approach to the restoration of in- creasingly compelling issues in contemporary society, such as climate, sustainability, ecology and new technologies, and on the need to update the charters, responding to the challenges of complexity. The conserva- tion of gardens implies enhancement processes essential for the ongoing governance of the tangible and intangible values of individual “artefacts” of nature and culture and the opportunity to drive change in relation to social and educational values. For this reason, a further and consequen- tial area of reflection will deal with how to spread knowledge at various levels (university, educational, cultural, tourism ...) on the optimization of use and participatory processes for management, the development of programs and pedagogical workshops to raise awareness among the gene- ral public.

The conference is divided into the following thematic areas, coordinated by an executive council

  1. Knowledge. Direct and indirect sources (archive and iconographic documentation, cartography); information technologies (data georefe- rencing, surveys, simulations...); modern archaeology; archaeobotany, agronomic sciences, environmental sciences, hydraulic engineering (C. Acidini Luchinat, M. Mosser, A. Allimant-Verdillon).
  2. Restoration. Methodologies: criteria and outcomes; vanished gardens; climate change and sustainability (G. Rallo, J. T. Rojo, J.M. Sainsard).
  3. Enhancement. New communication technologies; Museums of the gardens and their history; outdoor-indoor museums. Tourism and gardens (A. Campitelli, M.A. Giusti).
  4. Management. Planned maintenance; plans and projects (M. Calnan,G. Galletti).
  1. The Restoration Charters. Principles and developments (S. Caccia Gherardini, M. Luengo Añón).
  2. Professionalism and Schools. Vocational and university training; continuing education, methods and tools (A. Lambertini, C. Santini).


To participate in the conference, it is required to submit a preliminary abstract (Italian, French or English), complete enough, stating aims, methodology and results. The abstract (max 2000 characters including spaces) has to include title, name of the author/s, Organization/Institu- tion, e-mail, from 3 to 5 keywords, and the “Code” which identifies the paper (specify the number of the session – 1. Knowledge; 2. Restoration; 3. Enhancement; 4. Management; 5. The Restoration Charters; 6. Pro- fessionalism and Schools). Deadline for the submission is April 30, 2021.

The abstract has to be sent to in PDF format and named as follows: Surname, initial of Name_number of the session (1, 2, 3…). Example: RossiA_2.pdf

The authors will be informed about the admission to the conference (abstracts will be examined by the members of the conference Scientific Committee) by May 7, 2021.

The authors of the selected scientific papers will be requested to send an extended paper that will be subject to double review.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to request the author, if needed, to make changes/additions suggested by the referees.


April 30, 2021
submission of preliminary abstract (max 2000 characters including spaces)
May 7, 2021
notice of admission to the conference
June 30, 2021
submission of full paper (about 12.000 characters, notes and legends
July 30, 2021
feedback from the SC
September 6, 2021
definitive submission of full paper
October 2021
print proceedings in class A scientific journal


Conference fees: 200€
Reduced fees for PhD and Specialisation School students: 120€



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